Case Studies

Clients and their situations are as unique as fingerprints.

Maybe even more unique, because their challenges continually change.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of clients Single Grain
has helped, and some of the challenges we worked on and solved together:

The Client: Advice Interactive Group

The Opportunity

Advice Interactive Group believe developing personal relationships with their clients is crucial to creating a successful marketing plan, and they pride theirselves in their ability to offer them the individual attention people deserve. The more they know about you and your business, the better they can help you reach your goals.

The Approach

We carefully analyzed the on and off page SEO structure of each website and fixed those issues.

Reduced page load speed, improved internal linking structure, optimized meta tags for search engine, performed keyword research etc.

The Challenge

This Inc. 500 company is based in Dallas, Texas. They had a large local client base for whom they needed to perform search engine optimization (SEO) tasks.

Company wanted to work with us together to rank their customer websites for various target search terms.

The Results

The results started coming out within months. All the client sites started to rank well in SERP. Website traffic increased to a noticeable extent. Overall, they were very happy with the result we delivered.

  • 14213 Cups of Coffee
  • 323 Projects Done
  • 175 Happy Clients
  • 99 Awards Won

The Client: Just Cats

The Opportunity

At Just Cats, goal is to give cat lovers the best information possible about the world of pets. Just Cats aim is to be the best blog and shop for those that love their pet cat. They are focused on being the ultimate destination for all things feline.

Whether you’re looking for information about what their behavior means, tips on how to train them, or just how to show more love, you’ll find that on this page you’ll get everything you need to know and beyond.

Whether you have one cat or you have several, you will be thrilled to see all of the updates and information that comes through with this page.

The Approach

We have identified their niche relevant audience online and engaged in discussion.

We posed ourselves as a a thought-leader within the community and promoted the videos strategically.

The Challenge

This cet-centric startup was struggling with the traffic to it’s website and social media pages. They were producing good quality contents but it was not reaching enough audience. So, our job was to promote their contents for maximum exposure.

The Results

Page like exploded, engagement skyrocketed, website traffic increased. Their social media posts reached over to 15 million people organically. One of the posts went viral and received over 133,000+ shares, 4.2 million video views, 55,000+ comments, all organically.

The Client: Home Bazar

The Opportunity

Home Bazar is an online marketplace empowering independent sellers and makers who create unique products from home. The idea is simple – to put makers and entrepreneurs in touch with a large audience of buyers, and free them up to focus on producing amazing products without getting bogged down with administrative and logistical issues. A responsive website enables a community to converge and transact Home Bazar is the very best place for buyers and sellers to celebrate the joy of unique creations.

The Approach

We sat down with the founder and understood their requirements. The site was built in WordPress with custom coded backend panel.

We designed the logo and incorporated different categories in a clean and crisp way. All the images were heavily retouched by our team. We also made sure the website is fully responsive and load time is under 3s.

The Challenge

Dubai based startup Homebazar wanted to sell different fashionable items to consumers across all UAE. They had brick and mortar stores but wanted to reach broader audience via online. So, they reached out to us for a customized website development.

The Results

Happy client with a “ready to go” website for their brand. To complete the entire project, we had to retouch over 1000+ pictures, write codes to reduce load time under 3s, Write 10,000+ words of content for the website.

The Client: Care Me BD

The Opportunity

Careme’s passion for real beauty means that they’re always searching for the most innovative products. Careme constantly scouring the globe for the latest beauty breakthroughs that you’ll love to use.

As well as using Careme’s global connections to bring you products and brands from around the world.

Careme strongly believe that the customers are their greatest assets. That’s why they vow to deliver the highest level of customer care and reward your loyalty every time you shop with them.

The Approach

We carefully crafted their logo, website and social media presence first. Next, we developed some interactive videos showing the usage of their product and answering customer questions.

Finally, we promoted the videos across different social media channels to a specific target audience.

The Challenge

The company was new in Bangladesh market and they wanted to establish a brand presence online and hopefully generate some sales. Before us they didn’t have any website or social media existence.

The Results

The promotion was a massive hit. We generated massive 2.7M video views, 3000+ new customers and hundreds of thousands of shares for the company within a period of just 3 months.

We Know One Thing For Sure:

We know that your business has its own set of unique circumstances and challenges.

If you would like to contact us for a friendly chat, we can let you know if we’ve encountered some of
those challenges before.

Who knows – maybe we won’t be able to help, but then again maybe we can.

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