Lead Generation

The initiation of consumer inquiry or interest into services or products of a business is called lead generation.What we are offering is unique and exclusive, so we want to give you a brief idea on our Lead Generation service. Why are we trying to help you expand your business risking our own money? How our services are different from others? What are the facilities we are offering you more? Just scroll down and see it for yourself!

We Work With You Helping Your Business

You can run your business in your own way without worrying about us. At the same time, we will be providing you extra business which will come to you without asking anything at all.In return, we ask for a little share of your extra income so that we can continue finding out ways of providing you more leads. This is a totally risk-free and unique way for you to improve your business.

No Riskier Traditional Methods

In the case of traditional advertising in a general business environment, you used to think of a contract, go through agreements and make an advertisement. Then you had to pay for that ad to be visible– whether that is a newspaper, a TV channel or a radio ad etc. After doing everything you might receive some calls, but what if you don’t? You have lost all that money and time in return for nothing.

So, there is no guarantee doing it in the traditional way. And obviously, smaller business owners would never want to gamble their capital away with advertisements which may or may not work.

We Initiate It Totally Free

There is no existence of automatic lead generation software. So, this is no easy work where we are spending our own manpower, energy, money and time to drive new customers directly to your door. Of course, we have time and money limitations in this case. That is why at one time we work with a smaller number of companies. So you might have a rare window of opportunity for us to serve you right now.

So, now you may have understood how we risk our own money in order to provide you new clients. Which means, it is our loss if it does not work.

Here’s The List of Our Lead Generation Services:

  • Researching and tracking your competitors.
  • Establishing your prospect’s needs.
  • Writing copies.
  • Creating advertisements.
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Publishing & paying for ads to be visible on popular websites.
  • Continuous testing.
  • Updating the ads in time.
  • Analyzing results, finding out area for tweaks and improvements.

We also do many other things so that we can make your phone ring with customers who have become interested in your services or product. After getting your phone to ring, we calculate and research the results. We also provide you monthly reports containing a summary record of which leads you got from our service.

You Can Pay Us After You Get Results

We do not want to be paid before you get results. So it costs you nothing until we become successful.Do not forget that the result we provide you is your bonus business. We only ask a pre-agreed price per lead which funds the payment for the ads and their management. You can continue keeping any ongoing business you receive from that client also without even lifting a finger. So, it is our job to keep feeding you new clients.

We Hold Full Responsibility

We will give you a specific phone number which we will use for our advertisement for your business. In this way, we can know which leads have come through our system.

When anyone calls that specific number, it automatically gets diverted directly to your company’s number. For quality and coaching purposes, it is recorded along the way.

We take monitoring, tracking, and reporting very seriously. We give you access to all those reports so that you can see which specific leads were generated by our effort.

It’s a bigger package full of services which many companies are now paying thousands for. But we are offering it free of cost!

24 Hour Access With Full Transparency

We will provide you live and complete access to the recordings and log files whenever you want, 24/7 a week. This allows you to check how good your staffs are for managing calls. Besides, you can also observe how many calls we are forwarding you. You will also be notified by an email every time a call is diverted to your company number via our Lead Generation Services system.


We are taking all the risks and paying all the bills. You pay nothing if your phone does not ring. We are offering you a totally risk-free environment which will help you grow your business very efficiently.
We look forward to working with you!