About us

Fortune Tech has an emerging business legacy, a bright present and a shining future. It was established in the year 2018 by experienced, industrious and challenge seeking leaders. Since its inception, its perspective has been very clear- “Satisfying consumers by providing the best possible goods & services”.

From the establishment of the company, we are focusing on creating value towards our clients by ensuring better living solutions and meeting the demand of day to day life. We have launched dedicated sites to satisfy all your needs. With a view to creating a change in conventional e-commerce platforms and pursuing a new experience from your side, Fortune Tech is perpetually functioning and upgrading its operation. We are pledged to make your life easier and convenient.

Why Fortunetech

Fortune Tech constantly ensures better living for people by introducing new products and services. Fortune Tech gives best effort on-

Best solution of what you need in your daily life

Bringing products & services with superior quality

Introducing new taste for your fashion and lifestyle

Brands of Fortune Tech

From the beginning, Fortune Tech is concerned about creating a change and adding a new essence of your life. Our established brands are doing it for you.

Care Me Bangladesh

Established in 2018 by understanding the daily needs of mass people, Care Me Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh.

From pen to pendrive, shoe to shoerack, or makeup to making things up; Care Me is ready to satisfy all your needs. You will get exclusive products with superior quality and of course, with the best price in the town. Care Me ensures 100% cash on delivery on any product all over Bangladesh.

Care Me Global

Established with a view to meeting the local needs for global products, Care Me Global introduces a new horizon for people who like to consume overseas products.

Care Me Global offers variety of choices for you from all over the world. You can just pick one up as you like. Getting a global product sitting at your home is no longer a hassle now. However, you can buy any product from international sites without a credit card. Care Me Global makes it simple like nobody had imagined before.

Intimate Star

Keeping in mind to create a new sense of fashion and decorating your home with luxury and class, Intimate Star was being introduced.

Intimate Star aims to keep your lifestyle up to date and helps you to be the trendsetter around your community. Also it offers diversified amenities to make your home a better living place for you and your family. All the products are imported from top notch websites around the world and only brought to you as per your need.

Proton Technology

As the entire world is advancing through a technological revolution, you shouldn’t be lagging behind. That is why Proton Technology has been established.

Proton Technology is your best tech & gadget partner where you can find any sort of gadgets you cherish to meet your needs and entertainment. Proton Technology aims to introduce you with the latest and up to date gadgets which will make your daily life easier, comfortable and enjoyable.

Our Team

Fortune Tech consistently believes in teamwork. Here is a glimpse of valued members of our entire team.

Our Work Environment

Fortune Tech focuses on creating a dream work environment for its team members.We keep striving to ensure a better workplace unlike the others.

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